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‘House of Moss’ started from humble beginnings in 1996 by the company founder. The name MOSS comes from a saying that " a rolling stone gathers no Moss". The philosophy behind this saying is that Moss represents the success which comes as a result of having patience and dedication to what you want to do.

House of Moss innovative products were first produced in a household in Soweto and were initially distributed through direct selling by the founder in order to create a market for these products.

Over time and through continuous innovation and development, the company has kept up to date with international trends by adding new products.

Today, MOSS Products are available in Southern Africa. MOSS has established a presence in all provinces in South Africa and exports into Swaziland, Botswana, Namibia and Mozambique.

With access to the top technology and expertise from leading suppliers, it is no surprise that we are known as one of the fastest growing cosmetic brands in Southern Africa. 

Our Mission:

To assume a strong market as a black empowerment professional manufacturer of affordable, up-market, top quality cosmetics as well as household & industrial detergents; by embarking on an aggressive market expansion program, particularly, for successful fragrances coming out of 'House of Moss' productions/laboratories.

Our Vision:

To become  one of the leading producer of fine fragrances in South Africa and as a result delivering MOSS products at prices that are up to two thirds lower than the globally popular suppliers.

About Us

House of Moss Laboratories (HOML) is a cosmetics manufacturer specializing in Perfumes, Lotions, Roll Ons, Body Powders and other quality products at affordable prices.

We offer communities the chance to start their own business and take advantage of this booming business that has touched many people in more ways than one.

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